Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Celtman 2012

What a day!

A lifetime goal, 8 months of training, lots of help along the way and 14 hours 13mins of race.

The Celtman extreme triathlon. 2.4 mile swim. 125 mile bike. 26 mile run.

As soon as I saw the location, distances and challenges offered by this race I knew I had to give it a go. It seemed to offer everything I wanted from a race. The sea, mountains, epic distances and a chance to dig deep and discover new limits. In short, the challenge frightened me.

 I have always wanted to try triathlon as a sport, particularly iron distance races. I made the decision to take action, stop dreaming, talking and do. I have found that if something means enough to you, you are willing to fully commit, accept setbacks and keep striving to move forward nothing is really impossible. it just takes action.

Hopefully this blog will inspire others as others have me and  provide a resource of useful info for others searching for the same answers as me.

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