Thursday, 15 November 2012

Ticking Over

I talked a little about low motivation last post. I have been struggling a bit with a lack of direction, not sure what to do, plans for the coming year and life in general. I am no expert but this can be a really positive stage on any journey. I have found this in the past. Out of all the mess and confusion, if you can listen,  new doors open and opportunities will arise.

Lately I have been running lots. Mountains, Trail, Road and even Cross Country! The XC was interesting. Four of us in the fast pack ran laps around a playing field in Carlisle. It was pan flat and I forgot how many laps we had to do straight away! School boy error. It was fun though. I died on the last half of the last lap. 32min29sec for an 8km race. Totally not my kind of thing but always good to get out of the comfort zone.

Today I ran over to Coniston from Ambleside following the route of the Lakeland 100 and 50. I will run the 100 at some point and will prob be running the fifty next summer. Time was 2hrs18min taking it fairly steady, holding back on the down hills. It is a fantastic stretch of trail. I cannot recommend it enough. I plan to run the other stages over the next few months and see how the times and numbers add up. I think I could run it pretty fast, we will see.

Planning to do a couple of road (WHAT!!!??) 10km races in next few weeks. Have always wanted to see what time I could do and am pretty inspired by how fast the top runners blast them out. The Brownlee Bros run sub thirty minutes of the bike! I will be happy with close to 35mins, under 40.

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