Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Race Week!

So that's it, the hard work has been done and its now time to put it all to the test and enjoy the best bit, race day! I have said this in the past, its a great time to take a look back at the journey to the start line, in many ways its worth a million times more than the actual result on race day, a race is just a performance on one day but it has taken 9 months of training, racing, good, bad and hard work to get there. Its amazing what you can accomplish along the way with an end goal and motivation. This particular journey started for me in 2012 at Celtman, my first triathlon and its still going on. The actual build up to this race has been 1 year, I knew I would come back straight after finishing. Maintaining focus and motivation for a year can be tough but its such an amazing race that this has never really been an issue, training in the hills, mountains and lakes is what I love most, racing in them is simply the icing on the cake.

The other side to all this, is the help/advice/support etc that I have received along the way from family/friends/sponsors. I am constantly amazed by this, so many people willing to help in so many ways, often out of the blue when you least expect it. So I have not got here all on my own and I know that I do not race on my own, when things get hard, its great motivation to think of this. So thanks to everyone for your support, far too many to list, but you know who you are and understand its all appreciated.

So its Celtman 2015 time, Saturday morning, 5am start, time to put all the training hours to use! Cannot wait!! :)

Live tracking will be here at some point-

Celtman Tracking

Here's a few great memories from along the way!

Coniston Old Man triathlon, 1st place

Duddon Fell race, in the vest of power, Ambleside AC ;)

Torridon training camp, late April!

Team MovieIt, first open water swim of the year

Back O Skiddaw ont bike

Duddon Fell race recce with the lads, Ben, Todd, Neil

Striding Edge in winter

A quick clip from out on the bike today. Had to wait for the snow plough before today's session on the Struggle. Zone3 Lyon Outdoor Trec Nutrition GB
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