Thursday, 4 October 2012


Gutted! After a wet night sat in a puddle, listening to the rain lash down and the wind blow the descision was made to cancel Wasdale Tri. To be honest it was the right descsion to make for the safety of competetors and marshalls. Only me and one other optimistic (crazy?) person bothered racking our bikes.

It could be veiwed as three months of hard training wasted but I know it is not. My swimming and cycling have improved massively since starting out last year. Now is the time to lock in the base I have developed for next year. The training will continue but without as much intensity and I will have more time for a bit of cross training, certainly some winter mountaineering.

I am going to post a review of my first season of triathlon in the next few days. What I have learnt, thoughts, feelings and lots of thankyou's! Planning to enter the Langdale Horseshoe fell race next sat to, another race I have always wanted to do, so will hopefully have some sensible weather and a good run!

Rydal water this morn. Getting a bit chilly!

A misty Rydal water (the pool)

Got out this morning for an easy swim in Rydal. Numb feet after and a little cold tell me the temp is dropping quite a bit. Nearly time for the Amblside Winter Swimming Club to meet, although it is not cold enough for Steve yet! Will be out for a run this evening. Plan is to run from Hartsop over Highstreet, the Beacon and down to the Kirkstone pass. Leg 2 of the Ian Hodgeson Relay. Running with Ben and a few others so may become a bit of a race! All good fun though.

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