Saturday, 31 January 2015

Loch Gu Loch, Breaking the ice!

Sometimes a race comes along and captures the imagination,  you know you will have to do as it has all the elements that you look for in an adventure, combined with a racing environment. Loch Gu Loch is one of those races!

Does it catch your attention?? Inspired by the famous OtillO Swim Run in Sweden, we will swim 8.5km and run 63km in a continous point to point journey from Urquhart Castle on the shores of Lochness to Fort Augustus in the south. The running is at least 95% on a variety of trails and the swim begins with a 2km crossing of Lochness and finishes on the banks of Fort Augustus Abbey. The word EPIC is not enough, this is going to be some day out!

Brought to us by the team behind The Celtman!, it has all the makings of a classic with the same international family feel and adventurous spirit.

The guys asked if I would like a trip up the Inverness to check out the course and gather some images for the website. They employed the expert services of adventure photographer Colin Henderson to capture some images of the amazing course. These photos the results of his work, in tricky conditions as you can see! Obviously a pro. :)

I had a great weekend with Colin and Katia and can defiantly say I cannot wait for the race in September. Its going to be a long but awesome season!

Thanks to Colin for allowing me the use of his great photos, you can see more of his work on his website.
NOOO Katia!
Thinking light thoughts!
Lets both stand on the ice...
Nearly there, the descent to Loch Tarf


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