Saturday, 7 July 2012

Back to it!

Time to get back into the swing of things then! A few easy swims and a couple of bikes to and from work this last week have gone well so I decided to do a double session today.

Woke up early this morn to sunshine (honestly!) so headed off to Miller ground for a steady open water swim in Windermere.

Motivation was high, I had that sense of excitement walking down to the lake and felt like running. I like swimming from miller ground early morn. Its always quiet, has a nice walk down through woods and a great view of the Langdale Pikes is framed in the distance looking out over the lake. This morning was mill pond flat too.

A Mill pond flat lake Windermere
Took it steady and did about a mile. Concentrated on technique, slowing everything down and just enjoyed. Swimming is defiantly not my strong point in triathlon and my biggest gains here are to be made through learning and practice, not through hard sessions and high mileage. It is great for recovery from other sessions too.
The Langdale Pikes across the water.

Really enjoyed this morns swim.

Home for breakfast and a rest then headed out on the bike for a couple of hours. Wanted to see how my body would cope with a longer ride and picking up the pace a little. This would give a good indication how well I was recovering 2 weeks after Celtman.

Did just under 50km in a couple of hours. Legs felt fresh, felt good out of the saddle working hard up some hills and similar picking the pace up on some flats. Most of the ride was super steady though.

The route I did is here along with a load of other training rides in the lakes. Open to the public so feel free to browse if your looking for ideas.

Looking good to start with some base training next week then. Starting to get psyched for Sep 30th now! Wasdale Tri has been entered and it looks awesome!! Bring it on.

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