Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The evening ride. Helvellyn Tri?

Top ride out this evening with Mr Ashworth. Blast round the Helvylln Triathlon bike route after work.

The Man!

The struggle was just that. Straight out from work and into this climb is not exactly ideal but it is good to feel the burn and suffer every now and then! Steve has not been on a bike for a couple months but rode strong. I am sure a little competitive spirit helped us along and there was defiantly an unspoken battle for King of the Mountains going on!

Really enjoyed this evening. Good to catch up with a mate and ride hard during a training session. Nothing like training with a like minded partner to get you out of your comfort zone! Always good to mix it up in this way.

Sections of tonight's ride were defo up to race pace and feeling good. Still training on my 8speed steel framed bike with big chain rings. Not ideal for these steep hills for too long but my legs are getting strong from it. Our total time for the ride was interesting. Just checked out last years race results. If I can just improve my swim........ Hopefully gonna get an entry in when they reopen. Perfect final hard training session 4 weeks before Wasdale! Psyched.

Nice one Mulebar for a speedy next day delivery and saving me from a total bonk on tonights ride! Lost it for a bit but a Lemon Zinger gel pulled me out of the hole!

Top fuel

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