Friday, 13 July 2012

A faster swim........

As mentioned before, swimming is my least practised and therefore one of my most limiting elements in a triathlon. Any sport requires hours, weeks, months and years of practice to become proficient in and realise full potential. Skill acquisition, muscle/nervous memory patterns (engram's) and base fitness only come though time spent doing and learning.

When I started out swimming in October it really was an exercise in not drowning! I could manage about two to four lengths, felt like I was fighting to move forwards and the harder I tried the slower I seemed to move. I felt panicky and swallowed more water than you can imagine. Swimming one mile, let alone two was impossible. Sound familiar ??

Putting off getting in as long as poss!

So I practised. I watched you tube videos of people swimming. I watched others swimming at the pool. I borrowed the Total Immersion book by Terry Laughlin from a friend and even tried out some of the drills. I asked people questions about how they swam. Triathlon usually takes place in open water so I bought a wetsuit ( and started swimming in the lake at the end of February. I found a great group of friends who had experience and were kind enough to help and support me.

At times I felt down and frustrated. Some sessions I had to shorten or adjust. I had to tell myself to stick with it, one step at a time. Some things I tried did not work so I tried something else.

Soon one mile did not feel that far and and two point four was tiring but manageable. Not fast but defiantly not a problem.

One of my goals in my training for Wasdale tri ( is to improve my swim. First I need to gather some info to set a goal. A 400 meter time trial in the pool tomorrow will give me something to work with. A time to improve on. Future posts on how this goes.

I have also started attending the Kendal Tri club ( pool session on Monday night. Fantastic coaches and a real friendly crowd. £3.50 a session!!! For improving technique this is like free gold. Totaly recommended.

Out on Windermere with Pete (aka Bownessy, he spends enough time in there!) and Andrea from head to the hills this morn. Stunning morning and the lake is pretty warm. Out for a bit of time in the saddle this afternoon, make the most of the sunshine!

So now its time to practice, practice and practice some more!.......Then a bit more!

Chilly swimming back in March

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