Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Motivation, Inner Voices and Sticking with it

I had one of those moments this morning when you wonder what it is all about. Why am I walking to the pool at six thirty, getting soaked to the skin, battling through life's other day to day issues?  Why do I feel the need? Its not like I get paid to do this but I probably put in enough hours to warrant it. Surely it would be easier to just sack it off, sell the bike and buy a Playstation?

You probably get the picture by now.

The feeling that things seem to be conspiring against you or things have got interesting and new challenges have been revealed.

Those negative thoughts. Weather walking to the pool, battling into a headwind soaked to the skin on another long bike, injury, broken kit, etc etc etc. Just quit, sack it off, you don't need to do this.

But there is always that little voice that says NO. Push on. Keep trying. Fight. It will all be worth it.

Try your hardest to be the best you can be.

Funny thing is, after the pool things seem a little clearer. I have completed the session I set out to do.

 I can always look back to that long bike ride and think at least its not that bad.

Struggling through that workout builds strength in the future.

When things get hard there is an amazing opportunity to learn just what we are capable of, discover things about ourselves we never thought existed. We grow in many ways. As long as we are willing to suffer a little discomfort along the way.

That is part of the reason I walk to the pool. As well as the inspiration of others and future challenges.

I can be such a moaning, winy git at times!

This video always gets me psyched. Stay strong, keep moving forward and enjoy the journey!

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