Sunday, 26 August 2012

A Weeks Training

Thought I would post a summary of my weeks training on here.

Taken from my training diary that is now full of over a years worth of entries. A really useful resource when things crop up. Helps build an idea of patterns etc.


AM- Run- 45mins. Road loop. Bit of tempo on flats. Legs still sluggish.
PM- Bike- 2hrs 30- 45miles on TT Bike. Mostly steady but 10 mile TT on Levens course. Within 26mins. Feel good on bike but cassette worn out so skipping when climbing.


Easy Bike to work-1hr


Brick-1hr30-TT home (37.31 Ambleside to Kendal) then road loop on run. Found a nice rhythm on run, better than recently.


AM-Bike to work easy-1hr
PM-Bike to work easy-1hr


AM-Brick-3hrs 30. Bike, Run, Bike. Pedal out to Kentmere Avg heartrate 150BPM. Run Kentmere Horseshoe. Concentrated on pushing uphill. Took it steady on way down. Easy bike home. Felt good running hills and flowed a bit better on flats. Cadence better.

PM-Swim-45mins. Drills at pool. Easy session.


AM- Swim- 1hr- 300 warm up, 4x100 drills, 50 backstroke. Main sets 300,200,100 decreasing rest, increasing effort. 2 sets. 100 breast stroke, 50 Backstroke. Hard session, good work out.

PM- Bike-2hrs-TT bike. Bit of a sloppy ride really. Bike not working and felt a little un focused and tired.


 Swim- 30 mins- Rydal about 1 mile total. Feel faster and stronger in water once warmed up properly. Bit choppy, challenging conditions. Very positive session.


AM- Bike to work- 45mins. Pushed a bit on hills.

PM- Bike- 2hrs30. Hills after work! 3 climb loop around Hawkshead and Langdale. Pushed hard on climbs and bit of TimeTrialing on way home. Hard Session. Tired Now! Rest Tommorow!!

Total Hours- 18hrs

Last hard week before Helvellyn. Rest week till race then 1 more hard week till taper for Wasdale. Perked up last 3 days.

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