Monday, 13 August 2012

Good times at the 'Pool' and adjustment

The Pool. Rydal water
The first week of a three week block of hard training is out of the way, bit of a shock to the system if I am honest! No car at the moment has meant lots of cycling or time getting to places, leaving less time for recovery and chilling out. Also have just started a new job (Bike shop) so extra energy is being poured into that. I am finding it pretty hard to adjust really. My routine has been messed with! I don't like that :). Adjusting to life's twists and turns has never been a strong point of mine, but I suppose this is another reason training and taking on challenges allows us to grow in different ways.

All good though.Amazing sunshine in the lakes has warmed up Rydal enough for non wetsuit training sessions! Amazing fun, really refreshing and a bit of a harder workout. Like an outdoor pool session with beautiful views and fresh air.So lucky to live here. My swim is improving slowly. Last 400metre time trial was 6mins 45 secs. I can feel my speed improve if I get my position right and remember my points to work on. This position just needs practice and stress proofing so I slip out of it less.

The Cougar! 
Still thrashing about on the steel training machine! Only problem is the calf's and quads seem to be continuously growing! The extra weight is probably not so useful for the run or swim!

Days off now so hopefully get a couple good days training in. A short, sharp hilly bike to fell run brick session is on the cards. Helvelyn and Wasdale both involve running up mountains after a very hard bike so best get used to this! A pool 400metre Time Trial, 10 mile bike TT and an open water swim are also planned.

Just wanted to mention a massive well done to everyone  who took part in the Lakeland 50 and 100 ultra races a few weeks ago. Inspiring performances from some close friends! Its great to be a part of a psyched and friendly community. Another reason we do this I suppose. Also psyched for fellow Celtmen who took part in The Norseman! One of the races that inspired me to get involved in triathlon and a race that is high on The List. I watch this video all the time! Enjoy and Train hard!

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