Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Tri-ing Hard

Back on the Struggle. This time my heart rate is pegged above 175BPM. A time trial effort, devised to cook my legs before spinning into Glenridding and running the Helvellyn Tri route. As I pass a group of cyclists walking I wonder if I too will have to stop. It would be easier and the pain would stop. My heart rate is now above 185BPM. My chest is heaving, I am pouring with sweat but somehow I keep moving forward, the pedals keep turning. I will not stop. I reach brow and finally get a chance to recover. I made it but only just, my pacing was wrong, my bike heavy and lacking gears for efficiency but the effort was there. The satisfaction that I get from extreme efforts creeps in. I also found out a little more about how far I can push my body and keep moving. Useful for recalling when things get tough.

Into Glenridding and onto the fell there is little chance to get into easy running rhythm. It is straight uphill. My goal is to run it all at a reasonable speed, just off race pace. I carry on and soon am running across Red Tarn heading for Swirral Edge, stretching my legs before the final ascent. I fill the water bottle and soak my cap in the beck. I love moving fast and light in the mountains. The descent feels tough so I reign in the speed and take short breaks from the fast descending. Lots of time to be gained here on race day, if you can shut out the pain. Not a bad time for a training run around 1hr 35. I arrive back in Glenridding and hit the shop for some calories. I have to climb Kirkstone pass once more to get back home to Kendal!

Another epic training session. Ideally would have skipped the second lap on the pass but there you go.

Swim time trial in the pool this morning was very positive. 6min 21 seconds. 24secs faster than two weeks ago. Better pacing, technique and other factors more than being fitter I think. A big jump. More time trials will allow a more accurate measure of how things are going . Good signs though. An hour easy spin on the bike this evening will hopefully help recovery from yesterdays efforts.

Feeling a bit tired and honestly not quite as psyched as when training for Celtman. But still getting out there and putting the effort in. Still seeing the improvements too. It has been a long journey since starting training back in December.

Looking forward to hitting the top of Helvellyn and Scafel Pike in the next races.
What an awesome thing to do after a swim and bike!

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