Friday, 31 August 2012


So the first race since Celtman has come around! Helvellyn Triathlon.

A 1 mile swim in Ullswater, and 38mile bike that includes the famous 'Struggle' to Kirkstone pass and a 9 mile run. The run visits Red Tarn, Swirral edge and the summit of Whiteside before descending to Glenridding. A tough course that has been named as a must do race in the magazines and one of the best triathlons in the country!

The field will be very competitive with over 700 entries but the atmosphere should be amazing. Decent weather is forecast (fingers crossed) which will make a change.

I decided to enter pretty last minute as I felt I wanted some more race practice before Wasdale. As I have said in my previous posts training has felt a little unbalanced and inconsistent. I have been training hard but just not in my usual routines. I felt wasted a couple of weeks back and was glad to hit a rest week. After an easy week with light training my legs seem to have really picked up. On a 35 min run tonight my legs felt snappy and holding a tempo seemed easier. There is definatly a race in my legs somewhere!! So I am not really sure how it will go.

A big part of me wants to go out and race hard from the start. It is a fast race and I am keen to see how my body will handle the intensity. This plan may mean a meltdown later in the race but at least I will have learnt something. Nothing to lose but everything to gain!

I plan to swim tomorrow morn then take it easy for the day. Kit will be sorted tonight. Nutrition is sorted thanks to Mulebar. Bring it on!!

Proper Psyched!

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