Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Over Trained????

A good friend once said if one man calls you a horse, call him a fool. but if three do buy yourself a saddle!

A few friends have commented that I look a little tired lately. I feel it!

Consistent, balanced and progressive training has been hard recently. The miles have been getting put in but other stresses have risen and it has been hard to maintain a balance. I have had to bike allot more than I did leading up to Celtman. As a result my biking has improved and my legs seem to have grown. Have been riding the TT Machine quite a bit and I am definitely getting faster. However my run has suffered. My cadence is slow and my legs feel a little dead. Easy fix, bike less run more? Not really possible as I have to get to work, or get to the fells to run or the lake to swim. As a result I am getting pretty tired and losing a little motivation. The logistics of getting to and from training and getting adequate recovery are just not adding up. I keep ploughing forwards though. Things will have to be rebalanced. A little more rest and relaxation is needed and the training volume and intensity will have to drop.

The Stealth TT Machine. Old School!!

 I love the feeling of training well and consistently. The gradual improvements in skills and those sessions when you feel rested and strong. Running in the mountains feeling fast with a seeming effortless cadence. I am looking forward to racing Helvelyn in a couple of weeks. One of the reasons I decided to start triathlon was a feeling that I wanted to race, having avoided competitive sports since quitting football in my teens. Hopefully things will improve with a little more rest.

I suppose the part of you that allows you push to your limits and beyond, train hard or finish a tough race is the very same part that can lead you to exhaustion and ultimately destruction. But without that trait we would just plod on never really exploring what we could achieve. I think that would be more of a shame than failing to finish or not achieving a time you feel you are capable of . As long as you give it your all who cares!

Quick thank you to Mulebar for producing amazing fuel for training, racing and recovery. Fast, simple and natural energy. Will be writing a little more on this in the future. Have been trying out some nutrition strategies in training.

Check out this video. Pure motivation from Macca and Andreas. Stick with it!

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