Thursday, 9 August 2012

Hills, Hills, Hills!

Struggling to get enough air into my lungs, my back feels like it is going to explode. Legs are jellied and at one point I am sure I was seeing stars. Welcome to Wrynose Pass from Langdale on an old steel bike without enough gears! A hard training session for Wasdale Tri.

Sure this is not ideal training all the time but bottom line is that it is my only choice at the moment. Just have to get on with it. Bit of Rocky mentality required! I know it gets my legs strong and come race day on a lighter bike it will defiantly pay off. Will not do workouts like this very often (once every two weeks max) as they defiantly take a while to recover from. Good fun though!

If your keen for a quick blast with some steep climbs and fast flats between check out this route on my Map My Ride account. 2hrs 30mins from Bike Treks (Ambleside) to Kendal. Fueled by Mule Kicks  Gels and Salls power flapjack (thanks!)


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