Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Fell Running again!

Not me, but the scree slope on Celtman. Fell runners Territory!!

Feels like a long time now since cruising through the Coulin pass and sliding down the scree slope on the descent of Beinne Eighe during Celtman. Despite the leg injury I ran well, a time split within the top ten showed this. Regular laps of the mighty Loughrigg Terrace had done the trick, a little bit of minimalist running shoe work (New Balance 110) had helped increase my cadence and efficiency and plenty of stretching and rolling (Heads up to the COACH, top man!) had meant no major injury's.

My other regular training session were the Fairfield and Kentmere Horseshoes. Although fairly short (10.5m and 12.2m) they provide a variety of terrain, ups and downs, accessibility and most importantly very runnable ground. Sometimes I would work hard on the ups and recover in between, take more technical/rocky routes to work on leg speed or really let it go on the down-hills to give the quads a good thrashing.

Combined with  longer runs up Scafell Pike and some long, fast trail runs (Probably only three or four runs over 16miles) it seemed to do the trick.

So after a few weeks plodding round the terrace and a couple of longer runs last week it was time to head back onto the fell. The leg injury seems fine although a little caution is still needed. Decided to run Fairfield.

My goal was to run all the way to the top, although I thought lack of running would make this a tall order. Turns out going uphill feels ok, not quite as fast as pre Celtman but it is still there. Good signs. Felt a little tired heading round to the descent, lack of mileage recently probably but a Cafe Cortado gel helped me on my way.

Down hill was interesting!! It felt hard and I realised how much it takes out of your body to descend quickly. My head could remember but the legs and core were not quite up to it!! I eased off a bit, careful not to over stretch on the first outing. I do love coming down hill though. The descent of Fairfield has to be one of the best in the lakes! A little sticky in the humidity but lovely views on the tops and a light breeze to cool off a little.

Best of all the run can be started and finished at Bilbos cafe and Lakes runner. Coffee before run and a pint of tea and flapjack after! Super friendly, knowledgeable staff and great home baking.

Great to be back running on the fells and things seem to be coming together for Helvelyn and Wasdale Tri's in September. Biking is going well and swim seems to be getting a little faster thanks to Kendal tri club's amazing coaches. All good!!

Looking back out over the Horseshoe

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